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My work explores shape, texture, color and complex patterns… re-imagining wood as woven and beaded basketry by taking simple, functional shapes and transforming them into touchable illusions that blur the fine craft/fine art distinction. I use fire, ink, and sharpened steel to create story-driven, optimistic artwork Inspired by Native Culture storytelling, legend and mythology – created using the simplest of geometric forms, a 1/8” burned line.

I am self-taught; a 2nd-generation wood artisan. The unexpected discovery that “…it’s wood…” often provokes conversation and delight. Since my artwork is story-driven, as I carve and color, the narrative emerges. The wood canvas adds its own voice to the creation. Wood art is the tree that lives on – the warmth and shade and protection sustained and brought inside.


Actively seeking a limited number of gallery representation opportunities in diverse geographies.  To express an interest and begin a conversation, please email the artist.


Keoni has received recognition as one of only 35 artists for creating exceptional art from By Western Hands. By Western Hands is an organization honoring traditional Western craft, teaching, and preserving techniques.

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