The Beginning of Newness

Underpinning most cultures are stories and mythology about Creation and the coming of Life, the Elements, and the Spirits who guide and provide wisdom.  This carving honors “The Beginnings of Newness” inspired by Zuni legend, and nine common threads: light, birth, land, sea, earth, wind, birth, wisdom, and language.The front side depicts the birth of the Sun-Father from darkness, in the beginning.  On the reverse, the artist interprets how The New World was born as pathways radiate from the Mother-Spirit center outward representing the elements, all living creatures, and tribal blessings.The carving technique traces back to the Kamakura period in 12th century Japan. To create the piece, a block of sugar maple is spun on a lathe and turned to create the canvas. Spokes and rings are then individually carved. Following a resting period, the wood moisture content is stabilized at 7000′ altitude at the artist’s Colorado home.

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