Flower Moon

The Pima North American Indians traditionally lived along the Gila and Salt rivers in what is now Arizona. Trays, such as this, were the most common of Pima basketry forms. In 1900, basket making was practiced in nearly Pima home; 20 years later, not one in ten could weave a creditable basket.Squash blossom designs were a frequent motif as the vegetable was central to the diet and life of the Pima and other Pueblo tribes of the Southwest – and were cultivated long before other of the “three sisters” plants (squash, corn and beans). Squash blossoms were common decoration during ceremonial dances, particularly those honoring the night sky.Wood artist Keoni Carlson carved this interpretation from his Colorado studio in 2017. The reverse is a stylized mirror image of the front. The all-natural rendition showcases the design motif and underlying rock maple hardwood.

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