Wood, re-imagined. Sugar maple hardwood is lathe-turned, then hand-carved and hand-colored to a one-of-a-kind. Suitable for wall or tabletop display. The artist carves one “turtle” piece per year. This is his fourth. The design was one of the very first that the artist made and sold. A patron commissioned the original as a gift to a Chief of the Delaware (Lenne Lampe) tribe in honor of his work and position. The turtle was his personal totem… a symbol of wisdom and long life. Each artwork made varies somewhat in color and design, but always with the turtle as the central element. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided that documents the inspiration and the making. If questions, please inquire the artist at KeoniWoodArt@gmail.com

Ask the artist: Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about pricing, shipping, care and/or any other topic.  Email the artist here.