Submission – Western Design Conference

Each year, the folx in Jackson Hole WY host a week-long art festival + the Western Design Conference (from the Mountain Living magazine publisher).  The WDC juries an exhibition of contemporary functional western fine art.  It’s a crazy high-end art event complete with fashion show… indoor exhibition of ~`100 artists and then retail booths.  Furniture… wearables… jewelry… sculpture… etc.  Sent in my application along with three “representative” samples.  Good news for this one is that you can produce a one-off new piece of work if you get in – doesn’t have to be the piece(s) submitted with the application.  I sent in examples: 6-Petal, Sunrise Desert Rose, and Turtle.



UPDATE April 5:  ACCEPTED.  Wow, this was a real shocker.  Good news… I’m in… Bad news… I’m in so now have to figure out what to exhibit.  Considering a retail booth.  In talking to the event manager, 5-6000 people last year with ~$1M in sales.

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