Western Design Conference – Booth in my future…

OK… with encouragement from Karen and friends D&D… going to commit to doing a retail 10×10 at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole WY this coming September.  Crazy commitment, both $$ as well as work/inventory that will be needed.  Super help from event manager, Allison in selecting booth location (got a corner spot) and logistics.  Brainstorming display options… working up the production inventory list…

Concept is to “push” the booth visibility and sight-lines so that traffic from both directions get an early glimpse.  Approach will be “jewelry”, ie treat the wood works as fashion/highend.  Minimalistic/contemporary feeling.  Hoping for 2-3 David photos on the wall along with a storyboard re Keoni.  Shelving will need to be made.  Karen & I will drive out, hauling everything – a mini vacation.

Hoping to make back the booth cost, meet several local gallery owners, as well


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