Going big…

Continuing to experiment with larger, more “sculptural” elements as a way to broaden my portfolio to become more interesting to gallery/exhibition juries for display and sale.  Below is the latest effort – using a technique called “split bowl” construction.  Essentially, a single platter is turned on the lathe and then sliced in half.  The two halves are glued together to create a 1/2 round vessel as the new “canvas” starting point.  Endless possibilities…

I’m liking the direction.  This piece is ~12″ diameter x ~18″ high.  Base still needs some refinement.  I think the ultimate answer will be a low-profile piece of metal and then flat metal bent bar for the arm up… minimizing the competing elements and reinforcing a “steel” look/feel.  Of course that means I need to dive in to metal working to learn more about how to bend, weld and construct.

No name on this one, yet.  One side is decorated “dark” with the opposite decorated “light”.

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