Going small…

After notching a retail showcase at Squash Blossom (very cool gallery story in Colorado Springs), I’m gearing up for an inventory build.  One additional ask (it’s retail, after all…) was for a lower end price point.  So – here’s the first of my new “SMALLS” series, pieces that are ~4″ diameter.  The plan is to do 6-10 standard designs that can be replicated fairly quickly, therefore be able to sell for <$150/ea.  Retail commissions are heavy so production will be a balance of time, material v. the payback.

For these, I’ll be decreasing the amount of decoration/time spent on the back side of each piece BUT adding extra elements such as wire-wrapping the edge rim and adding a design element (gemstone, crystal, button, ceramic, etc.) at the center point.  For the piece below… the edge is gilt gold with black wire wrapping, offset with a metal button to mirror the edge.


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