Juried in… Edmonds WA art festival gallery exhibition

  Two pieces accepted for the annual event… oldest art festival in the state of Washington (50+ years operating).  Will be displayed as part of the 3D juried gallery – somewhat unique rather than being lumped in w/2D works.  Separate awards just for 3D works so hoping I show well v. competition.   This makes the third jury acceptance this year – cool… goal for the year is 5 as I continue to build credentials.

Next up, Breckenridge Art Center submission 5/31, and then the 1-day June 3 Denver fair (an experiment and learning opportunity in advance of Jackson Hole and the Western Design Conference exhibition/booth).  And, still working to build retail inventory for Squash Blossom and FraserWood.

Getting faster:  really an improvement by using bandsaw to turn squares to round blanks prior to turning.  Duh.  New lathe also makes a difference as I can rough shape usually on the midi and then re-chuck to the Nova for finish work on the more stable, heavier tool.

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